Sunday, 12 June 2016

Five Mistakes You Must Avoid Before Choosing a Stream After Class 10th

1. Letting yours parents decide which stream to choose
Stream must not be chosen just to fulfil your parent's dream. 
Parents play pivotal role in influencing their children’s career development and career decision- making. They want the best for their children and with these intentions often they impose their career choices for their children which is really sad 
Rather, Parents must encourage their children to choose a stream that best suits their interest, talent and abilities.

2. Going Traditional
Yes you heard it right. Choosing a stream must not be treated as hereditary mechanism where you must study Science or Maths since your forefathers were scientist or Engineers and you just can’t break the trend. What you need to do is introspect about your own special qualities and certain weakness. Everyone has a personality and skills hence choice of stream should be based on trying to maximise skills and capabilities.

3. Being so lazy
Making decisions based on the limited knowledge or pre conceived notions; very often students see the world as they know, not as the world really is. It is difficult to peep in to the reality of every profession however assumption is also not the best foundation of a decision.
You must find time to do your own research either on the internet or talk to other people in your network of family and friends who you think are better informed about your intended stream of choice.
 You must equip yourself with all the relevant information before you made up your mind

4. Not taking Professional Help
It is natural to feel confused or even stressed about choosing a career as it is one of the most important decisions of our life. Therefore, it is recommended that students take an aptitude test that will allow them to know their strengths, weaknesses, and interests in different fields. It can be quite helpful for student as it can provide them with lot of options that they had never thought of before and are helpful in choosing a particular stream.

5.Fear of Unknown!!
Many students opt for science stream on the basis of familiarity even if they are not good at the subjects. After studying science for many years, students are generally afraid to choose other streams; Commerce and Arts sound alien to them. Therefore it is highly advisable that students must increase their awareness about other streams through several sources as  there is no point in forcing oneself to take up subjects they are not good at in the first place.
Also, it is a common misconception that taking science or commerce in the eleventh standard offers the widest scope to a student.
Each stream has a lot of career paths and options available in today's day and age.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

EduSuccess - Top Eight Reasons Why You Must Complete Your Syllabus Early

EduSuccess gives the reason why you should complete your course early. Here are the top 8 benefits  of early syllabus completion.

  • Can clear the doubts of previously studied concepts: Clearing the doubts of complex and tough topics will  trigger the interest in learning and it will make you shift from cramming mode to learning mode.
  • Stronger foundation for higher syllabus : Once your concepts will be cleared,  your base will get stronger and you will be able to understand higher concept more quickly as compared to your classmates and other batch mates.
  • More time available to work on weak areas : Early completion of course will help you to navigate through entire syllabus and  makes you aware about your weak areas. You can do introspect and can take constructive measures.
  • Can maintain healthy balance between Competitive Exams and Academic Exam : Today , Competition has become the necessity  ! you can run from it or avoid it but you can't escape from it ..!! Early completion of course will help you to focus on your competitive exams along with your school exams.
  • Leading position as compared to other students : Experts says , its not  just the understanding of course that help you to excel in any exam but its actually the revision that set you apart from your classmates and other batch-mates.Early completion of course will surely give you enough time to revise the syllabus in more comprehensive way.
  • Boost in confidence and scoring ability : Nothing keeps you more motivated than complete knowledge of  your subjects and the sense that you are leading others.
  • Less mental pressure : Early completion of course eliminates all your fears, be it in-completion of course, understanding of  tough topics , any illness and many more obstacles. You will not be panic anymore and there will be no Exams Fever !!
  • Last but not the least no one can stop you to score HIGHER MARKS!

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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

The Periodic Table Gets Four New Elements

Four new elements have been added to the periodic table, finally filling out the seventh row. The International Union Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) , which governs such decisions, has assigned the four new chemical elements with atomic numbers 113, 115, 117 and 118, respectively.

It is the first time that the table has been updated since 2011, when elements 114 (Flerovium) and 116 (Livermorium) were added. The new elements are termed as ‘superheavy’, a label given to elements with more than 104 protons.
Element 113, whose temporary name is ununtrium (Uut), was discovered at the Riken Institute, Japan.
Element 115 (Uup), known as ununpentium, and element 117, known as ununseptium (Uus), were discovered by researchers from the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia, the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, California, and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee.
Element 118, called ununoctium (Uuo), was discovered by the joint team of Dubna and Livermore researchers.